Venice Beach

1. Maria - A woman in her 20’s travels from Spain to Los Angeles with the hopes of becoming a famous actress. She lands a job as a live-in nanny with Ali and LJ in their Venice Canal home.

2. Kai - The legendary surfer/busker that has been a staple to Venice Beach for decades. 

3. Kendrick - A street hustler that was raised with his brother Jamal to take advantage of tourists on Venice Beach. 

4. Johnsan - A basketball player that takes a bus from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams as a professional rapper. 

5. Mama Rosa - An aging Mexican woman that recently lost her husband raises 4 children by feeding tacos and burritos to the characters of Venice Beach and takes a portion of her earnings to her parents in Mexico.

6. Johnny - The owner of Johnny’s Goods is the man responsible for feeding the drug users on the streets of Venice Beach. 

7. Smoke - A street cat in his 20’s that has spent his life wandering and sleeping around Venice Beach. 

8. Jenny - A woman in her 20’s that arrived to Venice Beach to be an actress, but has nearly given up on that dream. She works at the Venice Beach hostel. 

9. Sue - A butch woman in her 40’s that talks aggressive trash at Muscle Beach, beating everyone in activities across Venice Beach. 

10. The Kid - An 11 year old skateboarder that spends all of his time skating.

11. Kyle - A man in his 30’s, living in his Chevy Blazer comes to Venice Beach to see his friend Ali and has a dream to become a screenwriter in Los Angeles. 

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