2019 Cambodia

Cambodia was my third and final country of 3+ months in Southeast Asia. Just when I began learning the language of Thai, I changed to Laos. Right as I learned the norms of Laos, Cambodia and the Khmer language became a totally different beast all together.  
Here we go…



Everyone was having a miserable experience at the border. Staff took our passports away from us for over an hour. Everybody had to pay different fees. Nothing seemed to make sense or feel right. Several people’s names were not called to board a bus. The sun and air were incredibly hot. Thankfully, the cafe had Angkor beer for .75. Since I was only crossing the border to the first city, I was granted the front seat. I looked behind to see hot, sweaty, unhappy faces so I held up the camera and said, “Hey everyone…welcome to Cambodia” and captured this brilliant photo of a bunch of sleepless travelers.

With the remainder of my Laos cash, I bought these backpack supplies of emergency food.

Looking down from my balcony hotel ($7/night) on Stung Treng, Cambodia 

The guy taking the photo picked up his first hitchhiker, saying, “I’m not a taxi” before allowing me to tag along on his rounds to stop off the various court houses in the different provinces in north Cambodia. These guys around the table are future judges and lawyers in Cambodia. I didn’t understand anything they said, but truly enjoyed and respected their friendships. 

My Angkor Wat tour guide


Tomb Raider

Angkor Wat!!!

Bussing southbound

Walking to an island

On Koh Tonsai (Rabbit Island), this amazing camp spot was disturbed by the high tide encroaching on my tent.
The tent didn’t make it. 😕

Island play with these Cambodian-German children

Sunset happiness

Welcome to Koh Rong Samloem

I saw this girl carrying a large suitcase through a tough trail over a big hill in the woods. She was unhappily sweating so I offered to carry it the rest of the way for her and helped find her accommodation to relax for this glorious sunset!

This is my happy place!


Island sunset!

While snorkeling around an island, one of these boats saved me when I tried too hard to create an adventure. 

Sunset Hut for my final night in Cambodia!

Some final love for the water life in southern Cambodia!


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