2019 Thailand

It felt impossible to try writing a book about traveling the world without visiting Asia. I decided to visit what’s known as the “Golden Circle” to backpackers solo-traveling through Southeast Asia. 


Flying across the Pacific!

South Thailand…get on the water!

Chicken Island 

Travelers watching sunset on a beach only accessible by boat

I love watching life out here!

I love using chop sticks

Walkin to sunset

Thai flag leading the way

Monkeys playing in the sand


Sunset from the water

Hitchhiking in Thailand brings on wonderful families

Thai money

My boy Mandel hanging in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Typical sightings on the road…smiling faces on motorbikes

Our final photo together after a wonderful 4 days together.  
Cheers to ya buddy! Thanks for everything

My home in Pai, Thailand! 

Giant Buddha on the mountain

My buddy Calvin showed me a great time! He was my first of five hitches to get me out of the tiny village of Pai

Cliff walking sunset

Hitching Thailand

Shambhala for the Heart music festival in the mountains of north Thailand


Motorbike parking lot at the festival

Check out these buskers in Fang, Thailand! 
Parents and people walking by filmed me dancing to their music

This photo is months after the previous one (after Laos and Cambodia), heading back into Bangkok for my flight back to the states

Travel makes you stronger, smarter, and a better human!


Bangkok walking leads to environments like this

Beautiful place to be!

Finish it out with some padthai!

Flying from Asia back to Chicago, but this time in a language I don’t understand. I did it!! 3+ months in Southeast Asia completed! 



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