2019 North America

2019 celebrates 10 years of traveling!
What to do? Drive to Alaska and 19,000 miles across the North American continent. Come join the photographic journey


Photo 1: In April, 2019, the City of New Orleans train brought me down to Nola for my first ever Jazz Fest. This train ride inspired me to embark on a wild journey to Alaska!

My favorite photograph from the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2019

My favorite photograph from the New Orleans Jazz Fest 2019

Hope and Joy…yes please!

Blaze looking beautiful outside Yellowstone National Park

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

The iconic Teddy Roosevelt Arch welcomes visitors to Yellowstone with the words “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People.”

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming

Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming 

A lake in the Grand Tetons

Livin in the wild!

Gorgeous country

Montana Mountains

My first moose!
Glacier National Park, Montana

My final photo before crossing into Canada. I left a little gift on a rock for some lucky visitor to discover.

British Columbia, Canada

Canada rocks!

Jasper National Park, BC, Canada

Nature cruisin


This photo tells a really sad story. I put it in to honor the memories of Lucas Fowler (Australia) and Chynna Deese (North Carolina). They were murdered by two young Vancouver Island teenage travelers in a mysterious story. This location is within miles/kilometers of the horrid scenario. I spent the night here and filmed myself reading a poem I wrote for them. The video found itself to their families, which led to a few nice messages sent my way. 

To all the travelers out there…don’t be intimidated, but be aware! Have fun!


Blaze drove the Top of the Highway from the Yukon into Alaska.
No label! 

Crossing into Alaska, the gray rainy skies turned to this beautiful view! 

Looking out on the Wrangell mountains!

Robe Lake, Valdez, Alaska

Alaska overlook 

Love this spot!

Girdwood is my favorite small town in Alaska 

This was the night that 2 moose walked right past me while cooking dinner during sunset in the alley. Perhaps my favorite night of my time in Alaska. 

Blaze loves the rock pathways 

Such incredible nature

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali Beauty!

This photo makes me dream

Sleeping in peace!

Ferry boat views!

Back in Canada, camping with other vanlifers

BC travelin

Ummm Welcome to the USA…hmmmm

Washington ice cave

Sway Wild are beautiful humans making beautiful music. I love surprising people at their own gigs. They had no idea I was coming. Mandy’s reaction, “I thought you were in Alaska. What are you doing here?”

Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Welcome to the Jungle!

I love listening to rivers while I sleep

Washington rocks the Pacific Ocean. I made it all the way to the Pacific Northwest coastline.

Sleeping with the Pacific once again. Sunsets glow!

Astoria, Oregon, USA

I love sunset beach walks

Crater Lake, Oregon

This was my view sleeping in the back of Blaze at the base of Mt Shasta in California.

Back in the desert! I’m not sure where this came from, but I loved the photograph.

Yosemite National park view of Half Dome, California 

El Capitan!!! This rock wall is iconic to the California rock climbers. I highly recommend the documentaries “Dawn Wall” and “Free Solo.”

Monterey Jazz Fest! Monterey, CA. I love getting to see festival grounds before the crowd comes in. Bartending festivals is incredibly fun!

Sunset over the Pacific!

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, CA

I drove off the coast road up to this middle of nowhere spot to hear waves crash below while the sun sets over the Pacific! I love this photo. 

Van Morrison at the Hollywood Bowl.
Los Angeles, CA

I can’t do an entire North America road trip without walking into Mexico for lunch. 

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is iconic. In 2011, I walked from the North Rim to the South Rim; 3 of the best hiking days I’ve ever spent.

This photo represents a phenomenal place to spend the night. This is right near the 4 Corners (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico)

The Rio Grande, New Mexico, USA

Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico, USA

The Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, Texas, which splits the USA/Mexico borders.

Austin, Texas has beautiful art and artists.

New Orleans, Louisiana for Widespread Panic Halloween concerts.

Looking out on Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Sunsets in the beautiful state of Mississippi, USA

Colors fill the Blue Ridge Parkway and the western Carolinas in general. 
Asheville, North Carolina

The ‘Empty Chair Fire’ at my friend’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA represents the end of the 7 month journey around the continent. 


I returned to Chicago/Deerfield, IL for this crazy bunch of beautiful humans that support and understand the wild route I’ve chosen in life! I love this crew!

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