11 Things About Kyle

  1. Why 11 things? That’s my lucky number. Can you guess what month I’m born in?
  2. In December 2009, I graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation Management.
  3. I am the youngest of 4 siblings and uncle of 7. My creative side stems from my mother while my social side comes from my father. I’m very lucky with the crew I’ve got around me. Friends are family too!
  4. My ideal morning includes watching sunrise, meditation, read, write, work on an art project, go for a walk, stretch the body, and do something fun. As much as I love sunrise, sunset is my favorite time of day. 
  5. My meals tend to be vegetables seasoned and mixed with whatever exciting treat I find that day. I enjoy switching it up. Sometimes it’s over an open fire while other times I use my camping stove. Cooking most my meals makes me appreciate restaurant meals that much more. 
  6. I enjoy any live event. Music, sports, festivals…you name it! People-watching in live event settings leads to pure entertainment. 
  7. I have seen the band Widespread Panic 141 times in concert
  8. I have visited every state in the USA, nearly every national park in the USA, and over 35 countries on 6 continents around the world, and most of their national parks as well.
  9. My dream trip: I’ve already accomplished most of my dream trips, but the next one is always the best. I’m thinking about backpacking south from Mexico to Patagonia in search of a boat to Antarctica! Hi Mom! I love you!
  10. Traveling to me is 3 things: culture, adventure, and education. My number one suggestion is to journal. Write it down. Remember! 
  11. My goal in life is to create smiles! There are so many ways to make people smile. Say hello to a stranger, write a letter to an old friend, or lend a hand to someone that may need it. Let people know you’re thinking about them. It’ll make them smile!

Future Goals:

- Kustom Collective: A collaborative network of creative minds coming together to develop movies, tv shows, books, albums, events, & any passion imaginable

- Doggie Duty: Expand throughout USA/internationally 

- Box Buddy: Expand throughout USA/internationally

- Nominated Smiles (Nonprofit): Bring smiles to good people all around the world while getting local artists paid and featuring local businesses

- Seeking the G.P.F.: An 11 book-series where character’s lives will interweave within the various stories