2020 and covid has struck the world. These 7 friends reunite via video calls to navigate their way into new realities.

Randy Keen - A writer for the Los Angeles Times, living in LA.

Bryan Sanders - An Italian restaurant owner in Chicago is moving his wife (from Laos) and their two children from there home in the city to the suburbs.

Johnny Belden - A black store owner raising three children in the city of Chicago navigates having his store looted during the George Floyd riots.

Robert Lennon - An E.R. doctor in New York City quarantines in his garage away from his wife and three kids. 

Brady Stevens - A gay brewer in Asheville tries to put on the first music festival after covid strikes the world while facing homophobia during the riots.

Brandon Rekruit - A traveler in northern Italy battling alcohol addiction while living on his girlfriend’s family vineyard in Florence.

Darren Prine - A professional musician lives in a van in South Africa to get away from fame and recognition in the United States. 

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