2018 USA

It’s time to hit the road. I’ll start with a lake sit.

The lyrics to the Blind Melon song, “Change” have impacted my life more than any other. 



Mississippi Delta!

Dockery Farms is the where Charley Patton first started singing the blues. 

Wrestlemania 34
New Orleans (2018)

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Sunset Blaze

Florida Coastline

Apalachicola, Florida

Wanee Festival, Florida

Spirit of the Suwannee, Florida

Camping in Florida

Artist’s Bridge

Osceola, Florida


The Atlantic Ocean

Sunset on Amelia Island, Florida

Beach sleep

Trondossa Music Festival
Charleston, South Carolina

Beach Seat

Back in the mountains, North Carolina

Hang gliding
Chattanooga, Tennessee/Georgia

Niagara Falls, New York/Canada

The festival that never happened. 
Curveball Music Festival
Watkins Glen, NY

Waterfalls in upstate New York

Charlottesville, Virginia 

Lockn Music Festival

This guy is feelin free!

Fire Freaks!

Appalachian Mountains

Widespread Panic
Nashville, Tennessee


Cleveland Indians

Cheery brotha!

Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts 

The Keytar Bear 
Boston, Massachusetts

Winter fires!

Solitaire Victory

Welcome home!
Chicago, Illinois

The Fam!

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