2019 Laos

Laos is a beautiful little country in the mountains, situated right on the Mekong River. Sandwiched between China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma, Laos lands as one of the most peaceful and welcoming cultures I have ever come across.


Jerome snapped a photo of me having my passport checked at the border. I can’t believe we’re getting in!

They greeted us into the country with BeerLao

Jerome hitchin in the back of a flatbed truck

I had to walk up

Jerome caught this photo of me entertaining the boys

Jerome caught this gem…one of my favorite photos

I loved disrupting school

Tuk Tuk Taxi

Walking a long day led Jerome and I to this unique sight

A break from walking with a big ole BeerLao 

Jerome and I were extremely hungry, but no places to eat were on our route. In Thailand, there were restaurants everywhere, but nothing in countryside Laos. I heard music playing in the distance. I said to Jerome, “Follow me. Where there’s music, there’s food.” I danced my way into scoring us a meal.

Those people and that walk really wore me out

Hitchin is our game!

Tuk Tuk drivin


These Chinese men run a banana plantation. I have my own opinions on how they are taking bananas from Laos into China, but the guy sitting next to me in this photo picked us up, providing us a night we’ll never forget. We slept in beds, ate authentic Chinese food with this powerhouse crowd, and were granted a tour of the entire environment. And Jerome arm wrestled a few of these guys. It was a wildly enjoyable night of alcohol, food, and fun.

Viengdum and I met as I was walking through Pakbeng village. He asked how to draw in more tourists to his bar. I painted the Hive Bar on the wall, but Jerome had a different question in mind…

Viengdum had spray paint canisters so this is what I came up with

Jerome wanted to build a raft out of bamboo to paddle the Mekong River, but Viengdum helped us negotiate this boat. Allow me to introduce you all to BAMBOO BLUE, Jerome and I’s boat for the next 8 days.

Jerome was up in the hotel, preparing for our journey while I went to hang with my little buddies in the river. With no language communication, they interlocked my hands so they could do backflips into the river. Jerome caught this photo from high above.


And away we go…Jerome and I hit the river

We made it three miles before finding this sandy spot full of firewood to spend our first night. 

Jerome caught this photo of us around a fire. Happy heads!

Jerome is happy and ready to go!

Holy cow

While Jerome had several things he wanted for the boat, I only wanted a Laos flag to fly high down the river while we passed the small, authentic villages.

Jerome was always doing work to Bamboo Blue. He was definitely in his happy place on the Mekong River. It was great to see!

One of my favorite places I have ever slept!

Our last stop on our 8 day journey before arriving to Luang Prabang

Sunset on the Mekong River

Jerome took his paddle back to France with him, but I donated mine to this hotel that helped Jerome and I out of a big jam. Thanks for the love!

After Jerome took off for Bangkok to fly back to France, I bought a tent. This was my first night back on my own.

I’ve made it away from the river and into the mountains


My first ever emergency vehicle hitch. Thank you to the ambulance guys for offering me a lift.

Hanging in south Laos on the 4,000 islands 

Winning solitaire is one the greatest feelings for this solo traveler! Smoothie drinks and journal entries help too.

This beautiful family served up tremendously tasty food!

At the border of Laos and Cambodia, we felt like refugees crossing countries 

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