Hey Dog Owners!!

I hear you calling…and I’m here to answer.

Who can you trust in your home with your four legged friends? 

This clown 👇🏽

Visit the About section (at the top) to learn more about me. 

My number one priority in life is helping people/businesses accomplish what they want in life. For families looking to vacation on a warm beach, knowing their dog is in its happy home with plenty of food, walks, and play time…I’m here to help. 

KustomKyleDoggieDuty (K2D2) began in 2017 during my journey across Africa and Europe when a woman in the south of France wanted to venture back to England for two weeks to visit with her grandchildren. She took a risk on a stranger coming to stay in her home. I was given a break from the road and my dog sitting business grew from there. Since, there have been more than 50 dog hangs; all of which are available references as well. 

My goal is to help you travel without the worry of your home and pet being at risk. I am a traveling artist, writer, dog sitter, and festival bartender so I am able to be literally anywhere you may need me with enough notice given. I am currently living in California, hoping to expand my Chicago business to the entire west coast. I love exploring new towns and proving that strangers can be trusted and loyal. I hope you’ll give me a chance. I have a special connection with dogs and hope to hang with them all. 

Thank you so much! 

Feel free to email or text/call (773)809-5460 (it’s a Google # to eliminate spammers. Once contacted, I’ll give you my direct #) and I, Kyle, will hopefully be available to accommodate your requests. 

Cheers, Thank you so much! Happy doggin’


(Client Comments/Reviews at the end!) 

Dog Sitting Photos…




  • You are best in show! So wonderful to see your vibe and energy in these pups eyes. I’m sure they’re happy to see Mom and Dad come home, but still wag for you and sad to see you go.

  • Kyle watched our two pups – Winston (English bulldog) and Zoe (terrier mix) – while my family went out of town for a week. He truly went out of his way to make the job work for us. Communication was great the whole time. And we came to happy, healthy pups and a clean home. Can’t ask for more than that!

  • Kyle is a trustworthy, kind, flexible caregiver! He is so sweet and caring with pets and can be trusted to take care of things while we are away. He is a lifesaver and we love having Kyle help out!!!

  • Kyle is one of the most kind, good-hearted people I know, and a lover of animals and humans alike. I know he’s been pet sitting and walking for years now and has an abundance of other references, but as his friend and a professional dog walker myself I can state unequivocally that he is qualified to perform the job with all the joy, respect, and awesome responsibility it entails. In short, Kyle is a special person and a pet’s best friend!

  • Kyle has cared for our 13 year old pup multiple times throughout the last handful of years. When we go away it’s important to us that our fur baby gets to stay at home. Kyle is reliable, communicative, and takes such great care of our dog Miles and our home. Highly recommend.


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