2021 Mexico

From January 7th, 2021 until July 1st, 2021… 

Welcome to Mexico!!  Real de Catorce

I took the wild road out.  Even the locals thought I was crazy.  

Evening futbol match is a very important time of day in every community.

I swam in this lake to save a little girl’s ball.  Great sleep here!


Sunday night fun!

These guys gave me a 15 kilo bag of oranges as a gift for the road.  From then on, I was gifting them to gas station attendants, individuals selling goods at speed bumps, and police that drilled me with questions.  Any time I wanted out of a conversation, I bribed them with oranges.  

There is no more “free” place on Earth than Zipolite.  Nudity is normal.  I didn’t wear clothes for 3 days.  Cooking breakfast naked.  Walking the beach with a coffee naked.  Sunset beer at the balcony bar…naked!

A true rock guitarist

Sunset in Puerto Escondido

Fantastic hang spot in Chacahua

Looking down on Chacahua

Lighthouse Sunset

My terrace in Zihuatanejo!


My thank you gift to the ladies with the available apartment in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta pier

I loved this!

Sunset Station had me “Dancin, Dancin on the Beach” in Sayulita

Give someone a lift and create moments like this

Happy Travels

Secret beach in Baja California Sur

Cabo Pulmo 

Fresh sand dune to run down!

Blaze handled the roads!

Crushin Mexico 

Sunset Victories

Killer sunrise hike

Obsessed with sunsets

I’m obsessed 

Fire in the desert is pretty incredible too

This final night spot provided me with dolphins jumping in the waves while the sun glorious set over the Pacific Ocean.  Quite a few special things happened this night!!

Bye Bye Mexico
Thank you!






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