5. Trenia

Las Vegas, Nevada is a city full of vibrant people, beautiful structures, and a wild world beneath the surface. Most people visualize the Las Vegas Strip, but Freemont Street in downtown provides a much more realistic version of what’s happening around Sin City.

While walking out of 11th Street Records, I met King Jr. We leaned against bike racks, avoiding the desert heat in the August sun. King told me about his mother and her inspiration on people around the Vegas community. Trenia taught him, his siblings, and youth all over town “It’s up to the individual to make moves in their life. Don’t let your setbacks and limitations stop you from achieving your goals.”

This woman, Trenia, is amazing!!! She raised 8 children all by herself while navigating being a nurse in hospitals and an evangelist in local churches. While only a few call her Mama, many more know her as the kind, sweet, friendly, and welcoming woman that I had the pleasure of speaking with on the phone. When I told her I had a gift to drop off, she responded, “Oh baby, I’m out on Lake Mead. Mama’s on a boat today!” I felt her enthusiasm over the phone before dropping the box off with one of her other sons.

King Jr had this to say about his mother, “She taught me everything. She taught me love. She taught me friendship. She listens. She don’t judge. She has a heart. Her moments will be remembered by those that know her. She’s a caregiver. I watched her get called the N word and I saw her keep herself composed. She’s strong. She taught me patience and happiness. She taught me God. She taught me ‘am I my brother’s keeper?’ meaning to take care of one another no matter what. She was a nourisher, a provider. She’s a seeker, an elevater, and a motivator. She’s my mama.”

Thank you Trenia!

It’s nice to know humans like you exist in this world. 😃

King Jr too!

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