Travel Blog 1: What does travel mean to me?

Hitting the road has always meant freedom is around the corner. There is something to be said for entering a new environment with zero knowledge of the place or what I’m about to experience. If it’s not enjoyable, I can move along, but if it’s an educational adventure, I can stick around as long as I like. What do you call a vacation that lasts longer than 2 weeks? I call it a lifestyle!

In the past, I’ve happily called a tent my home, explored a wide range of hostel atmospheres, and walked months at a time. Hitch-hiking has introduced me to local perspectives of every country I’ve visited. No matter where I’m at or how I’m traveling, adventure is guaranteed to ride copilot. These days, a ‘96 Chevy Blazer has escorted me from beautiful trails to brilliant camp locations. Sleeping in free dispersed camps deep in nature fills me with far more joy than crowded campsites. The wheels allow me to find the hidden gems of the North American continent. 

There is no doubt the curvy roads, quiet trails, and epic views have made me smile, but it’s the people I meet that make a place exceptionally memorable. A simple conversation can keep me in a special place for days. There’s no replacement for enjoyable chats with a like-minded individual. Everyone has a unique story so when I find interesting people that let me dive into their personal worlds make for extra-special encounters. There is always a connection to be had with a stranger, as long as both people put the energy forth!  

Lastly, my final tribute to travel comes in the form of writing in my journal. Original thoughts enter the mind when I’m on my own in a serene setting. Sitting to document my thoughts allows me access to the place, the people met, the food ate, the special occurrences of the day, and the general vibe of the moment. Pictures will take me back to a place, but journals bring me back to a feeling. Writing forces the memories to stick around my mind!

Traveling helps me focus on appreciating every day to its absolute fullest. Variety just makes sense to me. Everyday is worth living. Discovering something new and meeting an array of lifestyles keeps each day totally fresh. Enjoy life and happy traveling!


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