Travel Blog 10: Kustom Kyle Grows

Peeling myself from the sand, I reunited with a friend I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years in Pearland, Texas. In 2011, we were coworkers at the Grand Canyon North Rim. Knowing that he lived near Houston, I reached out in which he invited me up for a few nights. Little did I know, it would lead to 10 days off the road and a major motivational boost for Kustom Kyle. 

Hipster Healing is a company working with an assortment of alternative medicines, including sound healing, tinctures, creams and beneficial oils for the skin. Blake’s home was incredibly relaxing with his dog, cats, garden, and wonderful on-site neighbors; Mr Thomas and Miss Connie. 

To begin, I’d like to recognize Mr Thomas for his service to the United States. Thank you sir! I’d also like to recognize them both for possessing fantastic, motivating, enthusiastic personalities. Once they saw Kustom Kyle art, the momentum took off. Blake has instigated the thought of opening booths in markets while Mr Thomas and Miss Connie ordered three boxes, one wood burn, and my first ever Shadow Box. Blake added on three more wood burns for his business and Christmas gifts for his parents and sister. Out of nowhere, I had a large order to fulfill! 

The week became routine. Blake and I would have morning coffee before he’d head to his job where he educated kids one on one. I’d work on art throughout the day before taking a walk to the local taco truck and my 4pm cocktail hour with Miss Connie. When Blake would return, he’d focus on his schoolwork while I’d continue working on my art tasks. This relaxing break from the road led to more income for my travels, more art to display on, and a brand new idea to create a nonprofit where boxes are made for nominated individuals for being special within their communities. 

Heading out before Christmas, my goal became more Texas beach life before entering Mexico for a few months to gain further perspective on how to attack this new business idea. As our country transitions into a new year, a fresh Presidential administration, and a worldly education unlike any other, I am excited to expand Kustom Kyle. My goal is to create a new outlet to help artists gain consistent income, honor special individuals simply for being good people, and provide an opportunity for all individuals to participate in making a difference around this world. 

Good things are coming. 

I can’t wait to get started!

Cheers all!


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