I can go anywhere I want

Every place is a simple jaunt

Getting out to meet the heads

Sleeping in brand new beds

Learn from various mindful souls

Set my mind to far fetch goals

Look out over the big blue sea

Figuring out why I’m me

Nobody knows when I hurt

Recognize others to stay alert

Never let money get in the way

Respect and appreciate each and every day

Watch the sun, let it shine

Alone or together, feeling fine

Smile at life as it comes

Feel the pain as it numbs

Don’t let heaviness bring us down

Maybe it’s time to grab a fresh town

Love your people with your heart

Every new beginning has a happy start

Go big or stay at home

Enjoy the places you get to roam

Swim in water without the words

Sit outside to hear the birds

The world can feel like one big game

Just remember, we’re all the same

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